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[Fade from black to a seemingly peaceful rocky hillside]

[Explosion from behind the hillside, Yumi and a wheelchair-bound William rush over the hill. A tense version of the "real world battle theme" begins].

Yumi: "Move brute, move!"

[Cut to Yumi and William fleeing from a barrage of L.A.S.E.R.s.]

Yumi: "Come on, come on, almost - augh!"

[Yumi gets thrown sideways by a L.A.S.E.R.; William keeps going]

[Cut to Yumi lying on the ground, she attempts to get to her knees but collapses.]

Yumi: "Eerrrrgh! Argh."

[A trio of L.A.S.E.R.s arc down towards Yumi, accompanied by a whistling noise]

[Yumi turns toward the L.A.S.E.R.s]

Yumi: "Whoah! What the f-"

[Cut to a long shot of the explosion, Yumi is flung yelling and flailing towards the viewer]

Yumi: "-uuuuu-"

[Yumi smashes face-first into a pane of glass in the foreground, breaking it and startling a dove.]

Yumi: "Sissi..."

["Meet the Medic" card appears.]

[Cut to inside the building. As Yumi slides off the window, the camera tilts down and turns right]

Aelita: "Oh-hoh-ho no more!" [Aelita laughs loudly while Sissi explains simultaneously:]

Sissi: "Wait, wait, wait, it gets better."

["Surfing in Cyberspace" is barely audible in the background. Camera continues to turn and tilt, revealing Sissi, casually chatting with an opened-up and conscious Aelita, whilst holding Aelita's heart in her hand. An Arrow Glove mounted to an overhead rig is firing its healing arrows into the Aelita]

Sissi: "When the patient woke up, her stomach was missing, and the doctor was never heard from again!" [Laughs madly]

[Aelita pauses momentarily, and laughs again, banging her palm on a tray of surgical tools next to her]

Sissi: "Anyway, that's how I lost my medical license, heh." [Aelita suddenly looks very concerned]

[A Whippet/Toy Fox Terrier/Bull Terrier mutt pops up from inside Aelita's gut, surprising both the doctor and her patient]

Sissi: "Kiwi! No!" [Shoos the dog away] "It's filthy in there! Eugh."

[Aelita looks at Sissi in mild surprise. Sissi does not notice]

Sissi: "Dogs." [Sissi chuckles]

[Cut to a mechanical heart device on a tray. The word "Przez" (polish for "Over") can be seen on a small charge meter]

[Sissi grabs the device]

Sissi: "Now, most hearts couldn't withstand this voltage," [Sissi plugs the device into Aelita's heart and brings it into the Arrow Glove's Healing Arrow Barrage] "...but I'm fairly certain your heart..."

[Aelita's heart explodes]

[Cut to a trio of dogs. Kiwi gets knocked off his perch by a piece of the Aelita's heart]

[Cut back to Sissi, with Aelita in the background]

Aelita: "What was noise?"

[Sissi quickly recovers from her surprise, casually removing the remains of Aelita's heart from the Przez device]

Sissi: "The sound of progress, my friend."

[Cut to Sissi opening a refrigerator containing several hearts, a Ziti, and a few root beers. One heart is labeled "Loch Ness Belemnite". One exceptionally large heart is labeled "Mega Cuttlefish"]

Sissi: "Ah, perfect..." [Sissi grabs the cuttlefish heart, revealing the decapitated head of a Polymorphic Specter in the back of the fridge, somehow sustained by a battery]

Polymorphic Specter Head: "Kill me."

Sissi: "Later." [Closes fridge door]

[Cut to Sissi standing by the Heavy, cuttlefish heart and Przez device in each hand]

Sissi: "Where was I? Ah, there we go." [Jams device into heart]

[Cuts to Sissi holding the cyborg heart in front of the healing arrow barrage]

Sissi: "Come on, come on..." [Heart starts beating, Sissi starts laughing madly as the heart starts flashing unevenly.]

[Heart glows red; Aelita laughs nervously]

[Cuts to the Przez meter on the device going to full]

[Cuts to Sissi, who has stopped laughing and is squinting and leaning her head away, as if expecting the heart to explode]

[Cuts back to sitting dogs for a brief moment. Kiwi has returned to his position on the couch, covered in blood, as the two dogs on either side of him shuffle away from where he was sitting when he was hit before]

[Heart stabilizes and stops glowing and gets overlaid by a PrzeCiążenie (Polish for OverCharge) texture.]

Sissi: "Oh, that looks good."

[Sissi drops the heart into Aelita's open chest]

Sissi: "Very nice there."

[Aelita looks at the heart] Aelita: "Should I be awake for this?"

Sissi: "Ah heh. Well, no, heh." [Sissi adjusts her headband] "But as long as you are, could you hold your rib cage open a bit?"

[Aelita moves her hand as if to adjust her rib cage as Sissi is pushing the heart inside] "I can't... seem..."

[Cuts to Aelita's face as she yells out in pain as a crack is heard]

[Cuts to Aelita showing Sissi a snapped off rib. Both look at it tentatively]

Sissi: "Oh, don't be such a baby..." [Sissi takes the rib from Aelita and pinches her cheek] "...ribs grow back!"

[Sissi tosses the rib aside and turns to a dog sitting on top of the Medi Gun]

Sissi (whispering to the dog): "No they don't."

[Cuts to Kiwi, who cocks his head and runs away]

[Sissi swings the Arrow Glove over to Aelita's open chest and raises the power]

[The Arrow Glove completely heals Aelita, as if by magic, even repairing and sewing her clothes]

Aelita (impressed): [Inhales deeply] "What happens now?"

[Sissi helps Aelita up] Sissi: "Now?" [Chuckles] "Let's go practice medicine..."

[Cuts to Sissi putting on her outfit, boots, and Arrow Gloves while "Planet Net" plays]

[Cuts to a door bearing a flaming version of Odd's "paw print" Lyoko Avatar card opening to reveal Sissi and her & Odd's dogs]

[Aelita runs past Sissi with her Energy Field ready]

[Cuts to show a battlefield outside Sissi's office with Jeremie and Odd hiding behind cover, injured Yumi on the ground, and wheelchair-bound William wheeling frantically towards Sissi]

William: "Sissi!" [William gets blown off his wheelchair by several L.A.S.E.R.s, landing face-first on the ground in front of Sissi]

[Sissi grimaces, then adjusts the edge of her shirt and cocks her arrow gloves]

[Music intensifies as healing arrows are fired at William, healing him completely. William nods toward Sissi, picks up his Petard Launcher, and heads back towards the battlefield]

[Sissi then fires healing arrows at Yumi, fixing her up also]

[Yumi leaps to her feet]

Yumi: "Yeah!" [Yumi grabs her Tessen Fan from out of the air as she gets up and runs off] "Woohoohoo!"

[Aelita hides behind a red truck as Yumi runs past]

[Yumi runs up to Kankrelat and cuts it with her Tessen Fan] Yumi: "Oh yeah!"

[Cuts to show a massive horde of Kankrelat coming over the crest of the hill] Aelita: "Sissi!"

[Cuts to Aelita] Aelita: "Are you sure this will work?!"

[[Music quells]]

[Cuts to Sissi] Sissi: "Ha ha ha, I have no idea!"

[Sissi flips a switch, and a panel lights up as a meter on her gloves labeled "Voltmeter" reaches full. The words "PrzeCiążenie Ready" can be seen on the panel, and the music swells again. Sissi's glove starts humming with power]

[Medic fires her Arrow Gloves at Aelita, who pops out from her cover]

Aelita: "EYAAAAAAAAAH!" [Cuts to show Aelita's mega cuttlefish heart beating rapidly, then cuts back to show Aelita glowing with PrzeCiążenie power] "HA HA!"

[Sissi and the PrzeCiążenied Aelita advance under L.A.S.E.R. fire, and Aelita starts laughing]

[Jeremie, wielding the Nerd's Revenge, and Odd, wielding the Arrow Gloves, watch bewildered as Aelita glows with power and shrugs off volleys of L.A.S.E.R.s]

[Cuts back to Aelita, still advancing] Aelita: "I am L.A.S.E.R.-proof!"

[Aelita keeps moving, mowing down Kankrelat after Kankrelat]

[Cuts Kankrelats falling over dead in rapid succession]

[Sissi and Aelita climb atop the pile of dead Kankrelats and a pack of dogs run past as music crescendos]

[Ending title card appears and "A World Without Danger" ending flourish music plays]

[Cuts to waiting room. The camera passes over the rest of the Lyoko Group, who are doing things to pass the time. Jeremie is playing on his laptop, Ulrich is looking at his ticket, Emilie is reading and making/shutting off force fields in her hands, Antea is standing at attention, William is drinking from his Bottle, and Odd is sleeping]

Sissi (off-screen): "That looks good. Very nice there. Yes!"

Yumi (off-screen): "Hey, thanks Sissi!"

[A 'ding' is heard as the "Now Serving" sign changes to number 2. Everyone in the waiting room looks toward the door]

[Yumi emerges from the operating room, her chest glowing]

Yumi (gallant): "Awhawhaw, man! You would not BELIEVE ... how much this hurts."

[Muffled dog barks, and Yumi's chest moves]

Sissi: "Kiwi?"
Here, we have Sissi as the Medic. This is she has good first-aid skills, can be underestimated as a combatant, and they're both mental--Sissi has an unhealthy obsession with Ulrich, Medic has a "mad scientist" vibe going on.
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