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Cannon Boom Spider (My Girlfriend's Ponysona) by human-groveback Cannon Boom Spider (My Girlfriend's Ponysona) by human-groveback
Here's a biography of my girlfriend's Ponysona. She doesn't have a dA account (she doesn't trust community websites. Bad experience with Facebook's tendency not to respect privacy)
  • Name: Cannon Boom Spider
  • Species: Jorogumo
  • Eyes: brown
  • Mane: Black, kept in a braid
  • Tail: black & gold
  • Species information:
    • Basic information: Jorogumos are a species of Changeling native to Neighpon. Unlike Chrysalis's species, Jorogumos are more spider-like in physiology, & more closely resemble an actual pony (specifically an alicorn) when undisguised. The only thing keeping undisguised jorogumos from passing off as alicorns are pointy teeth, odonatoid wings ("odonatoid" means the wings look like those of a dragonfly/damselfly), having 5 pairs of legs, & cloven hooves.
    • Physiology:
      • Overview: Jorogumos tend to have a moderately low metabolism, especially considering the fact that their combination of a spider physiology & an alicorn's size should leave them with a ridiculously high metabolism. They have 6 eyes, the 2 seen on Boom's mug here, & 2 under each of those. The smaller eyes are commonly mistaken for freckles. They breath through their hip region, via a series of elaborate folds on the area by the chest region. It should be noted that what appears to be the tail is really the abdomen where the gonads, anus, spinnerets, intestine, heart, & such are kept. The "cephalothorax" (everything from the head to what appears to be their flank) contains their brain, eyes, limbs, stomach, mouth, main hearing organs, respiratory organs, kidneys, & such.
      • Blood circulation: Jorogumos have an open circulatory system, meaning there are no vessels. Instead, blood restores nutrients to internal organs by directly bathing them in specialized "blood sinuses", for lack of a better term. The only true blood vessels are the heart (located in the top of the abdomen) & the aortic network (situated over the top of the stomach in the cephalothorax). Their blood is copper-based & green, as opposed to iron-based & red. Additionally, the immune system is stationed here.
      • Urinary regulation: Jorogumos possess a set of structures called "Malphigian Tubules", which serve the same function for them that kidneys do in vertebrates. Jorogumos do not urinate, instead they excrete guano (a mixture of fecal matter & urine). The Tubules are loose-floating, open into the digestive tract at their point of attachment, & are closed at their free end.
      • Digestive system: Jorogumos live on a meat diet, although their bodies are perfectly capable of processing plant matter. They generally seduce, then ensnare unfortunate sentient beings of the opposite gender to themselves, then eat the trapped souls. Their fangs contain a venom that paralyses its victim. The incisor fangs are actually articulated. Additionally, jorogumo saliva contains enzymes that dissolve the internal organs of the victim. The stomach has powerful muscles that let the creature suck the liquefied guts out. The intestine is located in the abdomen, directly underneath the heart. The usual peristalsis/acid results here.
      • Webs: Like all ordinary spiders, Jorogumos have structures called "spinnerets", which allow them to make webs. It should be noted that despite the fact that their physiology resembles a spider species that lives in webs, Jorogumos only build webs as traps (whether for prey, pranks, or just trying to catch someone to ask them a question). In the event that a Jorogumo ends up using its web as its personal domicile, their feet are designed to minimize the risk of getting themselves stuck in the adhesive goop. The adaptations include a ridged structure on each digit, as well as a tuft of hair on the palm that minimizes direct skin contact with the adhesive. Also, they can eat their own webs in the event of a lack of prey/food shortage.
      • Reproduction: the gonads of a jorogumo are located on top of its abdomen, offset to each side of the heart. A jorogumo's gonads are very sensitive, like a male pony's. Indeed, trauma to the top-left/top-right of a jorogumo's abdomen can have the same result as an injury to between the rear legs on a male pony: painfully distracted, if not fallen to the ground as a result of nerve twitches in the 4th pair of hips. Both results are usually accompanied by the inflictee using its pedipalps (unseen, but Jorogumos have 4 pairs of walking legs. Boom is just hiding pairs 1 through 3 to avoid creeping ponies out, while using her pedipalps as front legs to support her buck.) to clutch its abdomen while speaking in a significantly higher voice until the pain wears off. During reproduction, the male (who will usually be half the size of his consort) will use his pedipalps to transfer sperm to the female's fertilization cavity. After the eggs are fertilized, the female will often eat the male, unless the male brought a prey item with him.
      • Respiration: Jorogumos use a structure called "book lungs" to breathe. These structures consist of folded pleats of soft skin, kept moist enough to allow for direct-surface gas exchange by a large amount of blood sinuses & bodily moisture.
      • Skeleton: Jorogumos have an exoskeleton, with their skin being made of chitin. As a result, when they shed their skin to grow, movement can be incredibly difficult.
      • Limbs: Jorogumo limbs are very heavily muscled, to the point that they are often able to crumple a lead pipe as though it were paper.
      • Senses: Jorogumos have very good hearing, which makes detecting prey dangerously easy for them. Their eyes are also very capable when it comes to sensing motion as well as seeing in color/forming images. Their sense of touch is also highly accurate, allowing them to sense INCREDIBLY light vibrations. They have tasting organs in their appendages, allowing them to track prey by essentially tasting the trail they leave behind.
      • Flight: Like those in most species of Changelings, a jorogumo's wings are folds of their exoskeleton with blood sinuses looking like veins, as well as strong muscles in the base. This is in contrast to Pegasi, whose wings are modified legs. They can fly incredibly fast, but not for very long. This is because the above-mentioned copper blood cannot carry as much oxygen at once as a pony's iron blood
      • Magic/abilities: In addition to shape-shifting abilities (strong enough to allow them to disguise as inanimate objects, as well as allowing them to copy the abilities of what they disguise themselves as), telekinesis, & offensive energy magic that are universal among changelings, jorogumos have "perception filtration abilities" that go along with their unusual ability to emulate the personality of the individual being impersonated. Essentially, when a jorogumo is in disguise, its disguise is seen as having the personality of its impersonatee by the impersonatee's associates, but the jorogumo's true personality by the Jorogumo's associates. They also have fire manipulation abilities which are commonly used both for self defense & everyday things where fire would be useful & safe to use. They also have suggestion/telepathic powers, allowing a strong mental hold over their victims. Their psychic abilities also give the form of a readout in their eyeballs, with stuff like an equipment selection menu, a personal vital signs monitor, a protective systems monitor (only active if they're wearing some sort of armor that isn't part of them), equipment statistics (context sensitive to whatever they happen to have out at the moment, has stuff like ammo tracking, ammo type, a "magazine full" indicator, a "reserve full" indicator, trackers for primary & secondary ammo, battery meters for weapons that need to be recharged. If they have no equipment, this doesn't show up), an objective menu (only appearing if they have to get something done. Example: if they have to catch something, the psychic HUD will show them where the target item is relative to where the jorogumo is looking.), a stamina meter (indicates how much physical exertion ability they have at any given moment), a mana meter (indicates how much they can use their magic before their magic abilities are out of juice), an oxygen meter (only shows when in a situation where they can't breathe), a "sprint meter" (records how much running energy they have left. When it runs dry, they have to walk), an exhaustion bar (represents how much "awake energy" they have at the moment), a hunger meter (a timer that indicates how long before its user has to eat), a sanity meter (shows how much of their mental stability is gone after facing things that could cause insanity), a "wanted meter" (shows how much of the law enforcement's ire they've raised), & a charge meter (some executions of jorogumo abilities take time to prepare. This meter shows how close such an attack is to being ready).
    • Culture: Not much is known here. Jorogumos generally mingle as much as as possible with ponies, & put as much value into family as they do into friendships.
  • Coat: beige
  • Date of Birth: October 30, 1990
  • Place of origin: Bison City, North Carolineigh
  • Likes:
    • Spending time with her coltfriend
    • Gaming
    • Manga
    • Anime
    • Fringe science
    • Theoretical physics
  • Dislikes:
    • Scorpions (they view jorogumos as prey)
    • Awkward situations
    • Wasting resources
    • Others hurting her loved 1s
  • Biography:
    • Not much is known about Cannon Boom Spider's past before she 1st met Cluster Writing Brain (aside from what she told him herself). What is known is that she was born on October 30, 1990 in Bison City, North Carolineigh to a pair of Jorogumos whose ancestors had moved to Equestria from Neighpon. Cannon Boom Spider's mom was the head of the "anomalous dealings" department for the Bison City Police Department's Special Weapons And Tactics division, while her dad was a weapons dealer for the Equestrian Air Force. They were a rare case where the wife didn't eat the husband after mating. Cannon Boom Spider herself always had a love of music. However, she was highly intelligent for a 3-year old jorogumo. Reading teleportation research documents also sparked an interest in theoretical physics in her stomach-mounted brain.
    • Filly-hood: Cannon Boom Spider started trying to make her own music at age 7. Using the bits she invested from various summer jobs (due to the nature of their jobs, her parents were often away for business. Also, her foal-sitter was rather open about how children should at least be able to care for themselves in the event of frequently absent parents. However, her parents also devoted as much time as their schedules would allow to raising their child.), she purchased an acoustic guitar & a synthesizer. She had trouble getting through elementary school, more due to racists then bad grades. When she started 4th grade, she met an Ellineighká (In real life, "Elliniká" is the Greek spelling for "Hellenic", which is the Greek-language term for "of Greek origin") satyr named Divine Will. They got along greatly, eventually starting to date. They also attempted to form a band. This failed as a result of Divine Will's horrid singing skills & their lack of success at coming up with a cool name. Divine Will had to leave for "vegan training" shortly after they graduated elementary school. Cannon Boom Spider had trouble with relationships after that. Her 13th birthday occurred on October 30, 2003.
    • Adolescence: Cannon Boom Spider spent this part of her life doing a lot of working out, as well as training for various firearm licenses. This was in addition to still getting good grades in the end of her junior high school tenure/her whole high school tenure. She also started developing violent tendencies toward those who hurt her loved 1s around this point. On October 30, 2008, Cannon Boom Spider turned 18.
    • Mare-hood: 1 month after her 18th birthday, she brought a laptop from money she made in her school guitar shows. When Cannon Boom Spider got the laptop, she decided to put her theoretical physics skills to good use & sign up for a college in Stable Island, New Yoke. Her parents (& little sister) were planning on moving there at that time, as Rapid Precision (mother) got a transfer while Defensive Deal (father) had to deal with the permanent closing down of the base he was stationed at after the boss was disillusioned with the death of her secretary in a nasty accident. He got full "honorably discharged" status, however, as compensation for losing his job. They finally moved on June 25, 2009. The move was troubling for them, due to everything leading up to it being so sudden. As for Cannon Boom Spider herself, she adapted easily, & focused her carnivorous tendencies on criminals, killers, rapists, & other "bad ponies". 2 weeks before starting college, she met Cluster Writing Brain while going through hyperspace route systems & ending up in his head while he was dreaming. She lured him to herself with her guitar skills, & brought him to her mental vision of her then-current house. Even though she tried to eat him at 1st (there was a sadistic museum robber who happened to look exactly like the poor guy, save for the cutie mark. She was going through hyperspace to track his mental signal, & when she went by Cluster Writing Brain's mind, something about him screwed with her telepathic tracking powers & caused her to lose the scent. His similarity in appearance to her intended target caused her to wing it.), he managed to explain that she got the wrong stallion (& showed her his cutie mark to prove it). They kept meeting in his dreams (Cannon Boom Spider was out at night a lot) until August 26, 2009. On that day, they met in the waking world for the 1st time at the 2009 "Welcome Freshmen" party at College of Stable Island, where she still got him to come to her by playing her guitar. She & Cluster Writing Brain started dating on August 27, 2009. Over the next few months, Cluster Writing Brain met some of Cannon Boom Spider's friends. Among these were Bleep (a bitchy griffin who became Cannon Boom Spider's roommate in college) & Bow Bass (an Eastern Weather Dragon who was dating Bleep, & whom Cluster Writing Brain would end up developing a habit of always calling by his full name). Fire Storm (a Fenghuang) & Tidal Hoof (a hippocampus) were also with them. Bow Bass, Fire Storm, & Tidal Hoof were in a band that Cluster Writing Brain started (See Cluster Writing Brain's profile for details on the band's history). As Cluster Writing Brain came to the conclusion that he was now definitively a weirdness magnet, their 1st big adventure as a couple was an incident in 2010 involving a inter-dimensional terrorist group called "Le Phoenix Vert" (Prench for "The Green Phoenix"), who based their operations in Cannon Boom Spider's world in Prance. This group was led by 2 individuals called only "The Stallion With A Beard But No Mane" & "The Mare With A Mane But No Beard". This also involved something Cannon Boom Spider's coltfriend thought was over & done with in April 2007: On October 9, 2004, 4 of his then-eventual friends discovered a deactivated supercomputer system under the remains of a demolished factory in Prance's capitol. This system also had teleportation scanners, & was mostly built out of a substance called "exertainium". After activating it, they found a great evil was stored in it. There was also a 12-year-old alicorn filly named "Hackette" in there. After finding out the origins of the supercomputer, Hackette, & a virtual world contained in the supercomputer (Hackette got her pre-virtualization memories-which were ripped out of her mind by the trapped evil, thus binding her to the supercomputer-back after they found out the computer's origins. Unfortunately, the evil escaped in that process.), Cluster Writing Brain's friends eventually destroyed that evil & shut down the supercomputer. When The Green Phoenix came after them, they found out more about the horrid truth behind the supercomputer: its creator was once a member of The Green Phoenix, & was commissioned to lead "Project Carthage" for them. It was intended to disrupt communications on a global scale, taking the mass panic that terrorists cause up to 11. When the project's leader found out, he decided to atone by defecting & building the supercomputer & the evil to destroy what had been made so far of Project Carthage. When The Green Phoenix kidnapped the leader's wife in retaliation, the leader & Hackette (who was his daughter) fled to a house in the mountains. He managed to finish the Carthage Elimination System, thanks to a convenient "time-reverse" system (he was discovering its capabilities as he went along) that he ended up hitting 2,546 times on June 6, 1994. Finally, when The Green Phoenix field agents (who happen to disguise themselves as the Prench versions of "Stallions In Black"-type Government agents) caught up with them, The Creator & Hackette fled to the virtual world. The evil became evil at this point, & The Creator forcibly shut down the supercomputer. The restart of this problem also involved Cluster Writing Brain's friends getting a new member. The evil also got an associate. The evil itself was acting by possessing a college mare (a fragment of the evil survived the attempted deletion) in Las Pegases. After causing initial trouble in Prance, it went to Stable Island. 1 of its 1st targets there was Cluster Writing Brain due to his connection with its enemies. When Cannon Boom Spider grew suspicious, the bespectacled Stallion explained everything. Fortunately, they managed to stop it once & for all. Things somewhat slowed down afterwards, with Cannon Boom Spider becoming something of a bitch. She sold her (rather expensive) anime DVDs, her collector's toys, & other stuff. She started reinventing herself with the resulting dough, & started preferring to be called "C.B." (This eventually became developed into "Cabbie".) It came to a head on the day before Labor Day 2013, when she dumped Cluster Writing Brain & forced him out of her life. She moved to Pigeon Forge, Tenneighsee. The change in college also led to some trouble getting her theoretical physics PhD back on track. She was living away from her parents by now. After moving away, she reunited with Divine Will. He now had psychic abilities as a result of being vegan (mostly telekinesis, energy attacks, levitation, & telepathy). They decided to start a band called "Bash At Demon-Herd". Divine Will played guitar & Cannon Boom Spider was on keyboard. A 3rd member, a Neighponese seapony named "Power Fin", was on drums. Power Fin never spoke much, & was mostly in the background (she tended to blend in a lot-she had the ability to literally do so). She had a bionic left front leg, complete with telescoping ability. She was actually Divine Will's roommate between his college life & reuniting with Cannon Boom Spider. The Jorogumo became even more of a bitch, eventually culminating in her reuniting with Cluster Writing Brain, Bleep, & Bow Bass (& being introduced to Blade Nymph & Tide Pool-Tide Pool was Tidal Hoof's older brother) after 1 of her shows in January 2015. Cluster Writing Brain had a new marefriend at this point, an equinomorphic Myrmecoleon named "Pummel Portal". Divine Will turned out to have dated Pummel Portal during their latter high school days, & wanted to kill Cluster Writing Brain. Even though he initially had the upper hoof, Cluster Writing Brain tricked him into drinking half & half (Cluster Writing Brain was psychically immune, so Divine Will couldn't read his mind & had to guess at his plans. This enabled the Earth Pony to use his telepathy against him) & losing his powers (as the authorities put it, "No vegan diet, no vegan powers"). He was also going mentally unstable after Cannon Boom Spider dumped him (Divine Will was cheating on her with Power Fin). Earlier, Cannon Boom Spider got a hold of Pummel Portal's hammer & tried to squish her. Apparently, being with Divine Will made Cannon Boom Spider's bitchiness even worse. Additionally, she tried to splat Power Fin's brains all over the wall, but Power Fin teleported out after insulting mammals & jorogumos. Cannon Boom Spider managed to smash her bionic limb off, though. Pummel Portal kept it for her wall. Shortly before leaving, Cannon Boom Spider apologized to Cluster Writing Brain for breaking his heart & gave him a saddlebag with all his weapons & equipment (he lost it in the process of ending an alien takeover). The stallion commented "What is this, Trot Pilgrim?" 10 months later, she was dating Pummel Portal's coltfriend from before Cluster Writing Brain. During the fight between the 2 stallions, she realized the relationship was a hollow 1. She hugged Cluster Writing Brain, finally feeling truly terrible for what she did to him. This was their closure. Eventually, she managed to get her theoretical physics PhD. After doing so, she went to get hired by the White Cliff-side Research Facility in New Mexicolt.
  • Persona: Cannon Boom Spider is an insanely loyal mare. She does not take disloyalty from anypony, be it from subordinates, friends, or relationship partners. She regards looking at porn when in a romantic relationship as a form of cheating on the individual that 1 is in a romantic relationship with. She has a literal taste for criminals, as well as a thing for earth ponies in relationships. She likes being active & enjoys video games. She holds a grudge against kelpies (in my My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic ficverse, the changeling species that Chrysalis is a member of represents the Scottish/Irish mythological creature known as "kelpies".) for giving Changeling-kind in general a bad name as a result of the "Royal Wedding Incident". She does as much as she can to be an exception to the rule: her pony associates know she's a Changeling, but she is very different from Chrysalis & her ilk. She can also be kind of a bitch. Cannon Boom Spider is rather camera-shy, but only with private photography (stuff like photos with her family & friends. She wouldn't even let Cluster Writing Brain take a picture of her). She also would rather not meet Cluster Writing Brain's family (despite his repeated insistence) because she is worried about them thinking she's just pretending to be his marefriend due to how attractive she is. She has a morbid approach to dealing with criminals she doesn't eat right away, torturing them & doing gruesome things to them WHILE THEY CAN FEEL IT. Her morbidness extends to some of her art. She also can be very cute in behavior, since she tries not to scare ponies with her 8 legs & dragonfly wings. She also wears the pants in relationships. Cannon Boom Spider tends to think Canterlot is a silly place. She likes sports, sake, cars, swearing, gambling, guns, explosives, breaking rules for the sake of it, ungenteel company, pizza, fighting & sex. She consumes more alcohol than would be possible in a world that obeyed conventional laws of physics. She is crude, rude, often hygienically challenged & cheerfully aggressive. If you are a stallion, she'll probably challenge you to a fight or a drinking competition, win both & then take an aggressive lead in anything sexual that happens. This Jorogumo is also viciously protective of her coltfriend. Basically, if somepony tries to hurt him, she will turn into a ray-gun machine gun turret & make them unable to walk without pain for 6 weeks.
  • Items:
    • 2 General Electric M134 Gatling Guns (she's strong enough to wield Gatling Guns akimbo)
    • 2 modified General Electric M134 Gatling Guns
    • 2 1890s Gatling Guns
    • 2 Gatling/Thompson Submachine Gun hybrids
    • 2 antique machine guns that channel her fire powers at the cost of using their own ammo supply as fuel to do so
    • 2 Assault Cannons
    • 1 SRM ARMS 1216 Shotgun
    • 1 Ruzh'yo Bandayevskogo RB-12 semi-automatic Shotgun
    • An infinite supply of Ramen bowls
    • A set of Neighponese chocolates, add +50 max health
    • A set of steaks that provide the eater with enhanced speed & the ability to deal 35% more damage per attack
    • 1 AR-12 Pump-action/semiautomatic shotgun
    • 1 Luigi Franchi Società per Azioni Sporting Purpose Automatic Shotgun-15
    • A set of critical boxing gloves
    • A set of speed-enhancing boxing gloves
    • A set of bear-paw gloves that do more damage
    • A set of heavy armor gauntlets that make the user take 60% less damage from projectile attacks
    • A set of brass knuckles
    • A set of mittens that make anypony attacked from behind laugh, leaving them helpless.
    • 2,400 mini shells (ammunition for the Basic GE M134 Gatling Guns)
    • 2,400 Slowdown shells (ammunition for the modified GE M134 Gatling Guns)
    • 2,400 boost shells (ammunition for the 1890s Gatling Guns)
    • 2,400 silent shells (ammunition for the Thompson Gatling Guns)
    • 2,400 Incendiary Shells (ammunition for the antique machine guns)
    • 1,800 Assault Shells (ammunition for the assault cannon)
    • 624 Super Shotgun Shells (ammunition for the SRM ARMS 1216 Shotgun)
    • 108 Shotgun Shells (ammunition for the Ruzh'yo Bandayevskogo RB-12 semi-automatic Shotgun)
    • 120 Boost Shotgun Shells (ammunition for the AR-12 Shotgun)
    • 600 Basic Shotgun Shells (ammunition for the Luigi Franchi Società per Azioni Sporting Purpose Automatic Shotgun-15)
    • 4 fragmentation grenades
    • 4 Slow-Field grenades (release a gravity field that causes all within its radius to be limited to half their maximum top speed)
    • 1 Super-powerful Linux Computer
    • 1 iPhone 5
    • 1 wallet
    • Various small electronics of a similar variety to what Cluster Writing Brain has.
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halolol101 Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
its like you made a whole wiki about her :P
human-groveback Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2015  Professional General Artist
All the biological data is based on the personal knowledge I had at the time about Jorogumo physiology.
halolol101 Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
SOOO much thought put into this :P i hardly had the patience to read it.
Good job with it anyway xD
human-groveback Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2015  Professional General Artist
Well, my girlfriend would have submitted this herself. She just doesn't trust social websites due to Facebook's idiocy with user privacy. She basically decided to ponify stuff that happened to her in real life. Also, yes, she's a jorogumo in real life (we're not dating anymore, though).
The-Syreth-Clan Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Your girlfriend surely loves guns and video games, I can tell. :iconyoumustbenewplz:
human-groveback Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2014  Professional General Artist
Not only are most of the events in the character's life ponifications of stuff that happened to her in real life, but all the OCs are ponifications of real individuals. Also, my ex is a jorogumo in real life. Additionally, what do you think of the "different species of changeling" angle I went for for my take on the jorogumo species's ponyverse representation? Finally, her arsenal (both the character's & in real life) is based on that of the famous Heavy Weapons Guy of Team Fortress fame (both games in the series).
The-Syreth-Clan Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Okay I'll tell you my opinion but that might hurt like a motherfucker so only read if you're not faith-hearted.


Alright, but don't tell I didn't warn you.

I always tell that details are an important part of an OC, but it also has to be added with measure. You would look strangely at a cupcake that was a twice as much of a pile of sprinkles on it, that the size of the cake it self, wouldn't you? Now that is the case here. Sure it's good that you came up with writing down their anatomy, blood circulation, reproduction and such but these details are completely unimportant. On the other hand, when it came to things that are a gold mine for pony species like their culture, you mostly just skipped the whole thing.

On the "different species of changeling" thing, it doesn't feel that different for me. They both have wings and horns, can shapeshift into things, ecetera and doesn't feel have too much of spiders mixed into them. Also, magic, flight and almost limitless shapeshifting sounds overpowered. Widow's true form is more of a "spider-centaur-pony" sort of thing, but she can turn into a normal pony, except for the spider limbs, but that's all (and her Quing Gong techniques).

Finally, the entire gun-arsenal with the video game expressions and the iPhone put the cherry on the top, from that point on I can't really take this character as a serious OC, sorry.

Considering it's your girlfriend's ponysona though, there is no much need to follow the rules of the MLP universe, for it's just a ponysona and didn't mean to be part of a fanfiction/comic/and so on, so feel free to disregard this personal opinion.

P.S.: You should also split the text into paragraphs, sometimes it was very hard to read for me.
human-groveback Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2014  Professional General Artist
In my defense, I don't know that much about real-world jorogumo culture (remember, my affiliate is a jorogumo in real life. I'm a magnet for the supernatural) so I based it on what I did know.

Also, the "different species of Changeling" thing is a universal with me & my friend's portrayals of ponyverse versions of mythological shapeshifting species. For example, bakenekos in our shared ficverse have a felinoid physiology (as opposed to insectoid), paws instead of hooves, cat-like tails, & bat wings. Most of the "anatomy/abilities" thing is based on the actual legends & (again) real life. She does have some weaknesses (unable to use her pyrokinesis when she has less than a certain amount of body fat in her, her telepathy can be blocked with the right spells or materials, can't move when molting, bug-spray type chemicals severely weaken her, she has a paralyzingly fear of scorpions)

Also, the character looks a lot different than portrayed here. I was just trying to get as close as possible to my vision in regards to what Pony maker would allow.

As far as the weapons go, if you think about it, guns exist in this world. A few usages of bullet-related euphemisms make that obvious. Additionally, considering that Rainbow compared her tortoise to a tank (resulting in his name), modern military tech exists in this world. Considering the magic in this world, they probably have military equipment that functions like the Team Fortress weapons in regards to unique abilities.

For all we know, this world might have modern technology. It's just that certain places have access to more recent technology than others.
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