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Zdoom Althud Revamp by human-groveback
Zdoom Althud Revamp
Yes, I play id tech 1 games. This is my proposal for a revamp for the "alternative HUD" option that comes with the zDoom family of ports. An explanation of a few things:
  • "Health status" means your amount of health: Health bonus at less than 1-9%, stimpack at 10-24%, medikit at 25-100%, & soul sphere at 101% & above
  • "Armor status" is in the vanilla alternative HUD. It shows the icon as an armor bonus if the only armor the player picked up at all (or since last running out of armor) is armor bonuses, a green vest if you're currently using that, & a mega-armor if you're currently using that.
  • The "active/inactive" icon uses the inventory to show what weapon & relevant info set is active by showing an icon that changes color: the icon is green for the weapon you're using, & red for all other weapons. Same goes for manually activated items.
  • The "weapon stats" & "Automap preview" are homages to the Alpha versions of the games
  • The "coordinates" & "time" sections can now show all the categories for those values
  • The clip counters only show up if you're playing a WAD/mod that has reloadable weapons.
  • The Ammo counters only have the numbers, not the text specifying what the numbers are for. That's just there in this mockup so you know what those numbers in the ammo section mean.
  • The original Alternative HUD doesn't include the player face from the vanilla status bar.
  • This is a concept for an option in Doom Reborn, a free, fan-made remake of the entire Classic Doom series (The Ultimate Doom, Doom II: Hell on Earth with Master Levels for Doom II & No Rest For The Living included, Final Doom, & Doom: The Absolution 64) on the Doom 3 engine, id tech 4. It's currently in the process of becoming standalone.
  • All content is copyrighted to their respective owners
So long, folks!
As of May of the 21st we will be deleting all DA accounts, not the plz accounts though. But just all the name wasted accounts, accounts that we think are fake, or the accounts that we think are useless. We are doing this to prevent something that could possibly happen in the future. If we find this message on your DA ID, journal, etc. we will know that you are not a fake.
Thank you for listening

-deviantart staff
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As of May of the 21st we will be deleting all DA accounts, not the plz accounts though. But just all the name wasted accounts, accounts that we think are fake, or the accounts that we think are useless. We are doing this to prevent something that could possibly happen in the future. If we find this message on your DA ID, journal, etc. we will know that you are not a fake.
Thank you for listening
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Cluster Writing Brain (My Ponysona) by human-groveback
Cluster Writing Brain (My Ponysona)
Well, I'm an illegitimate brony. While I don't buy merchandise or participate in community happenings, I still watch the show, look at fan stuff, make fan stuff, & look at Expanded Universe stuff. Anyway, on to the character.
  • Name: Cluster Writing Brain
  • Species: Earth Pony (I made myself an Earth Pony because I'm an utterly normal guy & a biology nerd, tying in with the whole "badass normal" & "in tune with nature" aspects of Earth Ponies.)
  • Mane Style: short-medium length, messy, brown.
  • Eyes: brown, wears glasses.
  • Coat: peach
  • Cutie Mark: Laptop keyboard
  • Cutie Mark detail
  • Special Talent:
    • Writing
    • Art
    • Good with technology (Earth Ponies are good at manual work)
    • Skilled in science (specializes in biology & physics)
    • Video gaming (Princess Luna herself respects Cluster's skills in Team Stable 2)
  • Place of Origin: Bucklyn, New Yoke (moved to Stable Island right after being born)
  • Likes:
    • Writing stories
    • Video Gaming
    • Drawing
    • Science
    • Doing Stuff on his laptop
    • Horror
    • Science Fiction
    • Rail Transport
  • Dislikes:
    • Things going wrong
    • Mushrooms
    • Onions
    • Assholes
    • Tomatoes
    • Bullies
    • His handicap
  • Languages he knows:
    • Equestrian Loegrian (or as humans call it, "United States of America English")
    • Loegrian Loegrian ("England English")
    • Pegalatin
    • Elleneighka ("Greek")
    • Spanish (his skills are rusty in this case, since he has yet to have to use the language outside of Spanish-centered academic environments)
    • Esperanto
  • Background:
    • Before School: Cluster Writing Brain was born in Bucklyn, New Yoke on May 10, 1991. His family moved to Stable Island right after he was born, so Cluster is, for all intents & purposes, a native Stable Islander. His life was pretty uneventful before he started school. The only incident of note was a party held at the house of a work friend of his mother's. Also at the party was a Seapony mare who was a friend of his father's in college. Said mare brought her daughter, a seapony/Earth Pony hybrid filly named "Blade Nymph" who happened to be the exact same age as Cluster. They became pretty close.
    • Colt-hood: Then-eventual Ponynet Superstar & sentient melee weapon of accidental mass destruction Ditsica Bubbles "Derpy Hooves" Doo was 1 of Cluster's schoolmates & closest friends during his kindergarten tenure. Aside from several incidents involving Derpy's destructive derriere & the Circumstances leading to Cluster's expulsion from New Dorp Elementary, nothing notable happened during this time. Just after Cluster transferred to his 2nd elementary school halfway through his 1st grade year, he ran into Blade Nymph again. They briefly encountered each other. A few weeks later, Cluster saw a meteor crash behind a wall in his schoolyard while nopony else was paying attention. When he got to the crash site, the meteor crumbled, revealing a cardboard box containing a dis-integrator pistol, with 3 primary fire settings & 2 attached grenade launchers. The next year, his family got their 1st computer. Cluster played a bit with it, trying some games, writing a few random stories, painting a few random (but well-done for something by somepony of his age) pictures, working on some experiment files (his love of science started at this age, & he needed a way to keep his experiment info organized), & working on some technology ideas. His cutie mark appeared after some time using the computer. The next Friday, he met a Pegasus filly named Screech, who was about his age. He also met Smart Gem, a Unicorn filly who shared Cluster's love of science. The 3 were close, but ended up being separated when they graduated elementary school. After starting Junior High School, he met a Neighponese-looking Earth Pony filly named Firefox, who had a Western Trottish accent. After they got to know each other, they started dating. Eventually, at 1 of their outings, Cluster Writing Brain saw some green magical energy flash over Firefox's body. Then, he was shocked by Firefox's form changing completely, to a hybrid between an Alicorn & a Neighponese Red Fox. "Are you a Changeling?" he asked. "Yes", said Firefox. "However, I am not 1 of those who eats love energy. How do you know about us?" she continued. "Well," said Cluster, "I've been reading up a lot on old Equestrian Lore at the Canterlot Royal Library. I've had to make those excursions due to Princess Celestia locking up all information about the Changelings & not allowing that info on the Internet. Please don't kill me." "I won't. I'm a vegetarian.", said Firefox. "Good" said Cluster. Cluster than realized: Firefox must've been drawn to him. For some reason, he was starting to attract supernatural creatures that most wouldn't attract, even in a land of colorful talking Unicorns, Earth Ponies, & Pegasi run by Pegasus/Unicorn hybrids. His colt-hood was uneventful afterwards aside from that. He turned 13 (& thus, became an adolescent) on May 10, 2004.
    • Adolescence: Cluster & Firefox dated as normal, until January 2005. On January 10, 2005, Firefox dumped Cluster unceremoniously. 2 months later, he was at Church. It turned out his dad had a friend who helped out for events that were ran by the Church. She hooked Cluster up with her daughter, & they dated. Unlike Firefox, Simple Solution was an ordinary Earth Pony. During their relationship. Cluster graduated Junior High School in June 2005, & started high school in September 2005. Him & Simple Solution ended up drifting apart around April 2006, 1 month after he got expelled from his 1st high school, due to Simple Solution ending up having to devote too much time to schoolwork to have a social life. In May 7, 2006, he started at another high school. Here, he met Psi-Fox, a Neighponese-looking Pegasus filly with a Southeast Equestrian accent. It turned out she was another fox-changeling of the same variety as Firefox. After Psi-Fox ended up disappearing the day before the school year ended, Cluster was in a funk until meeting Powerhouse, a half-Neighponese/half-Lenneigh Lenape unicorn filly who was violently protective of him & kind of a smartass to those who hurt her friends. She was a changeling whose unshifted form looked like a hybrid between an alicorn & a Neighponese bobcat. "WHY DO I KEEP DATING ETHNICALLY DIVERSE CHANGELINGS!?!?" He complained to himself 1 day. After his relationship with Powerhouse ended, Cluster met a Trottish Unicorn filly named Hyper Healer. She was a bit bouncy, due to her addiction to a Trottish drink named Irn-Bru. Apparently, for ordinary (aka "Royal Wedding Incident") Changelings, which Hyper turned out to be (she was from a hive in Trottingham), Irn-Bru caused behavior similar to an Alicorn that just ingested its full yearly allowance of caffeine in 1 go. At this point, Cluster noticed all the Changelings he dated somehow broke off of their hives completely. When Hyper Healer had to leave due to her mom having a health problem, Cluster was in a funk until he started dating Sass Snarker, a zebra who was a year older than him & in his gym class. At this time, he reunited with Screech. Sass dumped him because her mom thought she was too old for him. In June 2007, he was reunited with Smart Gem. Much later (around September 2007), Blade Nymph, Burner (a Pegasus filly), & Rocket (a unicorn colt) became new students at New Dorp High School. As Blade Nymph was getting settled, Blade Nymph & Burner were looking for a guitarist for their band. On the day Blade Nymph & Cluster were supposed to do a geography presentation together, some fillies from the rival school of Trottenville High School came & beat everypony up, in addition to kidnapping Cluster. Blade Nymph went to the rival School, punched her way through the jerks, & defeated the kidnapper's leader. After doing so, Blade Nymph went to free Cluster from the restraints holding him to the wall, asked him if he wanted to date her, & asked him if he wanted to be in her band. Most of Cluster's adolescence was uneventful afterwards, participating in shows with his, Blade Nymph's, & Burner's band, which was called "Sound-wave & Fore-hooves". Things were okay, some of their school concerts were recorded & broadcast on the radio, Cluster & Blade Nymph dated. At this time, he found out about her "seapony/earth pony hybrid" heritage & met Blade Nymph's dad, a retired medium from Germaneigh who lost his body (& his ex-wife) in a "psychic backlash" that was happening during an astral projection. He had to use a special suit to keep himself together & live like a normal pony. The suit was originally bulky, but by the time Cluster 1st met him, the suit has been refined enough to look like his proper Earth Pony body. Also by the time Cluster met him, Blade Nymph's dad worked as a field agent at a research/defense bureau that dealt with the paranormal. On May 10, 2009, Cluster & Blade Nymph turned 18.
    • Stallion-hood: Shortly afterwards, Cluster heard from Burner that Blade Nymph was moving to Hoople, North Dacolta to study little-known classical composer P.D.Q. Buck. At this time, Cluster finished preparations for college. After the friends all graduated high school & got their diplomas, Blade Nymph told Cluster to meet him at the library by their high school so they could say their final goodbyes to each other. At that time, Blade Nymph also gave Cluster a Drachma coin to remember her by (it was her lucky Drachma). Burner & Rocket also moved away. After moving, Cluster was in a deep funk until August 13, 2009, due to running into Psi-Fox again. It turned out her spontaneous disappearance was because her mom had to drive her to New Mexicolt to take her to a family thing, & it took them 3 years to raise up money for repairs to the car. On August 14, 2009, in his dreams, he met a tall, Neighponese Unicorn mare named Cannon Boom Spider. She was playing her guitar, drawing Cluster to her. Over the next 2 weeks, they got to know each other. Eventually, they met in real life at a "Welcome Freshstallions" barbecue at College of Stable Island. Cluster found out Cannon Boom Spider was a Changeling looking like a cross between an alicorn & a Neighponese orb-weaver spider. They started dating on August 29, 2009 on the day after Cannon Boom Spider's confirmation of becoming a student. During their relationship, they also had some pretty weird adventures. The 1st really big 1 started in May 2010 & involved an inter-dimensional terrorist group called "The Green Phoenix". This also involved the restart of something Cluster thought was finished in 2007. Other adventures involved a band, consisting of Cluster on guitar, Cannon Boom Spider on Keyboard, Bowerick "Bow" Bass (an Eastern weather dragon) on bass, & Tidal Hoof (a hippocampus & Bow Bass's roommate) on bongos; alien invasions, & being reunited with his ex-fillyfriends. 1 of Cluster's friends at this time was Bleep, a griffin who was dating Bow Bass. Bleep was also Cannon Boom Spider's roommate. On October 14, 2009, he met 2 mares by the name of "Specs Morph" (an Each Uisge) & "Fire Storm" (an equinomorphic Fenghuang) in psych class. On March 9, 2010, in his social studies class he met a Prench, homosexual dragon named "Muscle Mags", born Muscle Speedster Magma. Muscle Mags asked Cluster 1 question during the class & later began to show up at Cluster's house unannounced so often that he became a fixture in Cluster's life and eventually his close friend. During April 9, 2011, Hyper Healer returned to Stable Island & reunited with Cluster. Afterwards, on July 13, 2011, Powerhouse returned as well. Apparently, since dumping the poor stallion, she was traveling the universe. On April 26, 2012, Bow Bass got into an argument with Cannon Boom Spider about record companies who were trying to sign deals so Foal Camouflage (the name of the band) could get famous, which Bow Bass didn't want due to seeing what fame does to those who have it. On June 21, 2012, an alien invasion happened that pretty much caused the world to be run by an inter-dimensional empire for all of summer 2012. He finally got his melee weapons at that time, in the form of a plasma crowbar, a lightsaber machete, & a L.A.S.E.R. trench spike. Unfortunately, he lost his weapons after thwarting the invasion (which happened on September 22, 2012). Eventually, the arguments were bad enough that Cannon Boom Spider usurped control of the band from Cluster. Finally, on August 13, 2013, the argument came to an ultimate head when Cannon Boom Spider dumped Cluster & kicked him out of her life & the band. In June 2015, him, his family, & his pals moved to Tenneighsee. In June 2023, Cluster finished college. On February 6, 2024, he ran into Blade Nymph for the 1st time since she moved to North Dacolta. She had become a snarky, perpetually negative, misequinic bitch with an inferiority complex directed towards mares prettier than her over the course of her college life. His "weirdness magnet" nature didn't happen at this point. See Cannon Boom Spider's biography for her involvement in the history of "Mad Boomer". A primer of the rest of its history: In April 2024, Cluster, Bow Bass, & Blade Nymph discussed an idea for a band. After settling on a name, they decided to use Bow Bass's apartment as their band headquarters/practice area. Everything went peachy until December 2024, when his "weirdness magnet" nature kicked up again. At this time, Cluster met an equinomorphic myrmecoleon named "Pummel Portal" in his dreams (under similar circumstances to Cannon Boom Spider. Pummel was a delivery mare for Emerge Technologies.). For the 1st 11 months after this, 7 of Pummel's exes were after Cluster out of vengeance. A week after defeating Evil Ex #4 (a scorpion-pony thing who was a ninja), an Independence Day party was going on at Bleep's new loft in Gatlinburg when Cluster used his guitar (It actually belonged to Blade Nymph's younger brother, who was living with Cluster's family for a while due to some home issues. It was on indefinite loan to Cluster since Sound-wave & Fore-hooves started in 2007 due to Cluster's own electric guitar being in disrepair from lack of use since 2004) to bash in the skull of a robot being used as a minion of exes 5 & 6, who were a pair of Neighponese Unicorn twins who happened to be expert roboticists. The neck of Cluster's guitar broke irreparably, & Cluster couldn't afford a new 1, meaning they had no guitar player. Mad Boomer was also having money troubles due to a lack of shows as of late. This meant the band couldn't afford a new guitar player, so they effectively had their history cut short. This happened in the middle of a party where they were performing, no less. Apparently, the invitation to perform was just a ruse to trick Cluster into getting his flank pummeled by said robot. Aside from no longer having his band, he survived this ordeal with no ill effects. He ended up returning a broken guitar to said younger brother, who was annoyed but managed to get it repaired to its pre-damage state. Cluster would have used his own guitar (he managed to get it fixed during the course of the loan) afterwards, but he decided to retire it since it held too many memories. He also got closure with Cannon Boom Spider. After Cluster & Pummel got married in the end of November 2025, they got to enjoy a normal life (well, normal by Cluster Writing Brain's standards). In December 2025, they got on the 1st train to Ponyville that they could afford. Even though they enjoyed life there, when they got new places of employment, they ended up moving around a lot. After yet another move (this time to Oxen Hill, Mareland), their house exploded (them & their stuff were intact, though) in May 2026. They ended up separated. Cluster ended up in Canterlot after a long journey. As it happened, The Royal Sisters took him in.
  • Persona:
    • Cluster Writing Brain is intelligent, fun-loving, & determined. He enjoys doing stuff with other ponies on the Internet, & spending time with his friends. Once he puts his mind to something, he'll get it done. He prefers inter-generational friendships, & gets along with the Mane 6. He tends to act weird:
      • He expresses his imagination by acting it out.
      • He narrates his dreams in his sleep
      • He dances along to music videos that he's watching.
      • He sings along to songs playing on his devices in public.
      • He talks to himself, usually for the purpose of narrating his own imagination.
      • He's rather scatterbrained.
      • He loses his self-control when he's either excited, annoyed, pissed, or angry.
      • He has a bad case of "Out-of-Character Is Serious Business Syndrome".
      • He makes random popular culture jokes out of the blue.
      • He has a tendency to make lame puns of the "gives whole new meaning to" variety (examples: "dating a vampire would suck" or "dating a succubus would drain you").
      • He tends to explain jokes he makes (to be fair, that usually only happens when he feels the beings he's telling it to won't get the joke or if it's 1 of those "it's funnier or only funny at all if you explain it" jokes)
      • When listening to video game or movie soundtracks, he'll act out the scene the song plays in
      • He has Asperger's Syndrome
      • He prefers the mare to wear the pants in relationships
  • Items:
    • 1 slate gray 5th generation iPod Touch
    • 1 black 1st Generation iPad Mini
    • 1 Toshiba Satellite L755-S5244 laptop
    • 3 pairs of retractable headphones
    • 2 retractable Universal Serial Bus A-Male standard to Universal Serial Bus Mini peripheral cables
    • 1 non-retractable Universal Serial Bus A-Male standard to Universal Serial Bus Mini peripheral cables
    • 1 Registered Jack 45 Ethernet Cable
    • 1 4-port Universal Serial Bus 1.0 hub
    • 1 4-port Universal Serial Bus 2.0 hub in the shape of Doctor Time Turner Whooves' Type 40 Time And Relative Dimension In Space Travel Capsule as it appeared in his 11th incarnation
    • 2 3-foot retractable Universal Serial Bus 1.0 to Universal Serial Bus Micro cables compatible with both Universal Serial Bus 1.0 (up to 12 megabits per second) & Universal Serial Bus 2.0 (up to 480 megabits per second)
    • 1 Aperture Science Sentry Turret desktop replica with a 3-foot retractable Universal Serial Bus 1.0 to Universal Serial Bus Mini cable compatible with both Universal Serial Bus 1.0 (up to 12 megabits per second) & Universal Serial Bus 2.0 (up to 480 megabits per second)
    • 1 Universal Serial Bus flash drive with a 32 megabyte capacity
    • 1 Universal Serial Bus Flash Drive with a 1 gigabyte capacity
    • 1 Universal Serial Bus Flash Drive with a 2 gigabyte capacity
    • 1 Universal Serial Bus Flash Drive with a 16 gigabyte capacity.
    • 1 Targus Compact BlueTrace Mouse
    • 4 Digital Versatile Disc+Rewritable discs, each with a capacity of 4.7 gigabytes
    • 1 non-retractable Apple 30-pin to Universal Serial Bus iPod Touch 4th generation recharging/synchronization cable
    • 1 retractable Apple 30-pin to Universal Serial Bus iPod Touch 4th generation recharging/synchronization cable
    • 1 non-retractable 6.6-foot Apple Lightning to Universal Serial Bus iPad Mini 1st generation recharging/synchronization cable
    • 1 non-retractable 6.6-foot Apple Lightning to Universal Serial Bus iPod Touch 5th generation recharging/synchronization cable
    • 2 5-watt Apple handheld device charger cable wall adapters
    • 2 Apple handheld device charger automobile outlet adapters
    • 1 cash wallet
    • 1 plastic card document storing wallet
    • 1 red fez
    • 1 black pair of glasses
    • 1 super crossbow
    • 1 M1 Carbine/Ruger Mark 3 combo gun
    • 1 grappling hook gun
    • 1 plasma crowbar
    • 1 light-saber machete
    • 1 umbrella
    • 1 laser trench knife
    • 101 C-4 charges
    • 101 dynamite packs
    • 1 White Cliff-Side XV11,382 Displacer Cannon
      • Specifications:
        • Ammunition Used: Uranium-238 Cells (see below for reserve information)
        • Weapon Capacity: 100 Uranium-238 Cells
        • Damage: Instant death to pony-sized creatures.
        • Secondary trigger opens up a menu used to set fire mode.
        • Fire modes:
          1. Rift blast
            • Fires a portal that flies in the direction the user aims in
            • The portal travels until it impacts the 1st solid object in the line of fire.
            • Anything pony-sized or smaller is torn apart by pieces of it being teleported to different locations.
            • Uses 1 Uranium-238 cell per shot
            • Splash damage means that this weapon's primary trigger shouldn't be used in close ranges
          2. Self-teleport
            • Coordinates work by syncing with the user's mind, allowing the user to make it take him or her wherever they want with a thought.
            • Splash damage applies to those nearby
            • Uses 1 Uranium-238 cell per shot
          3. Stationary portal
            • Generates a 2-way stationary portal (it just appears in the spot that the user is aiming at).
            • This can be used to generate a portal network.
            • Uses 1 Uranium-238 cell per shot
          4. Portal clearer
            • Removes any fire mode 3 portals the user created.
            • Uses 1 Uranium-238 cell per shot
          5. Item warp
            • Uses 1 Uranium-238 cell per shot
            • Teleports any solid object that the user is aiming at to a network portal
          6. Networked self-warp
            • Teleports the user directly to a selected network portal
            • Uses 1 Uranium-238 cell per shot
        • Attack Interval:
          • 2.5 seconds between rift blasts (24 shots per minute)
          • 2 seconds between shots for all other modes (30 shots per minute)
        • Shot capacity per magazine:
          • Up to 100 shots of each fire mode
        • This gun has perfect accuracy
        • It can be aimed using the attached targeting monitor & camera.
        • It has a built-in Zero-Point Energy Field System with the following abilities:
          • In addition to its normal ability to pick up objects, it can extend the zero-point energy field to move them further away from the user, even through Displacement fields, up to a distance of several meters away.
          • It can also physically grab and reposition Displacement Fields from any distance.
          • Solid objects grabbed by the zero-point energy field can be rotated on all three axes.
        • Has a punting-ball launcher, similar to the Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator Gravity Gun. This can be used with the zero-point energy field, allowing it to throw objects.
        • Its Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator abilities are on the level of those of the Dark Energy Gravity Gun.
        • It can alter the effective area of the Displacement Fields it generates.
    • 1 set of Impact armor. Makes the wearer immune to self-damage & fall damage.
    • 10,000 spare Uranium-238 Cells, spread across 5 cases of 2,000 units each, each case can fill 20 magazines (ammunition for the White Cliff-Side XV11,382 Displacer Cannon)
    • 1,000 spare 5.7 millimeter by 15.6 millimeter 0.22 Long Rifle cartridges (ammunition for the Ruger Mark 3)
    • 3,000 spare 7.62 millimeter by 33 millimeter 0.3 Carbine cartridges (ammunition for the M1 Carbine)
    • 1 blue iPhone 5C
    • 1 copy of the Holy Book of Armaments
As of May of the 21st we will be deleting all DA accounts, not the plz accounts though. But just all the name wasted accounts, accounts that we think are fake, or the accounts that we think are useless. We are doing this to prevent something that could possibly happen in the future. If we find this message on your DA ID, journal, etc. we will know that you are not a fake.
Thank you for listening

-deviantart staff
  • Mood: Big Grin
  • Drinking: Tea



Thomas Michael Hood
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
Name: Thomas Michael Hood
Favorite Radio Series: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Favorite Stage Play: tie between Young Frankenstein & The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Current Residence: Staten Island, New York
deviantWEAR sizing preference: XL
Favourite genre of music: Rock, techno
Favourite photographer: Mushfiqul Alam
Favourite style of art: freestyle
Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium
MP3 player of choice: iPod Touch 5th generation
Shell of choice: Four-Blotched Umbrella Octopus (Cirroctopus hochbergi)
Wallpaper of choice: Speakers
Skin of choice: Alien Planet
Favourite cartoon character: Odd Della Robbia
Personal Quote: Megatanks. Why did it have to be Megatanks?

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Hey there, I've got an epic crossover in the making and I think you'll like it. It does require being in the know on some games, though, at least to some degree.
- System Shock 2 (The main setting)
- Bioshock Infinite
- Half-Life 2 (which you know well)
- Marathon
human-groveback Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2015  Professional General Artist
Haven't played System Shock. I know stuff from BioShock & Marathon (Here's to 20 years of vent cores being frog blasted). Also, I saw you favorited my ex's ponysona. What did you think of the character?
Agent-G245 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2015  Student General Artist
she's very cute, the bug wings make me think of a changeling. Very rebellious and determined as a pony, it looks like.
human-groveback Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2015  Professional General Artist
Well, she's supposed to be a member of a species of Changeling separate from Chrysalis.
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I'm more into the Prismalope & the rimerunner.
CreepyPolkaDots2937 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Me too, those are amazing, so you read expedition as well, interesting choices, the ebony blisterwing and the flipsticks are some of my favorites too
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I spend my summer vacations on Darwin IV. This is my last 1.
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Hey. I've seen you around on some SCP art and you saay you're from the Faciliy. I think I've seen you around, I'm Chris, the newbie guy with a sniper rifle in the Task Force? You're the guy that got █ by the fox chick, right? Damn. My friend recorded that. I feel bad for you, I mean it's everywhere on the video hotline. Heh.
human-groveback Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014  Professional General Artist
Just consider me lucky that I was not unmanned by blowjob. It's become a running gag that 953 will always be somehow involved when I'm among the receiving ends of something going wrong for personnel.
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10-& Up you're a great friend!
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Nice try. I know about the curse of the chain letter. Also, how come you haven't replied back to my last comment in our RP?
Twilightcloversuper8 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh! I forgot about the RP! Sorry, man. I'm really sorry.:( (Sad) 
human-groveback Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2014  Professional General Artist
It's okay.
QCC-Art Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ever visited the QCC Art Gallery in Bayside, Queens?

It's Director also teaches at CSI.
human-groveback Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014  Professional General Artist
Never heard of it, actually.
QCC-Art Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Luckily for us, the NYT has :)

But's a great place and always free to all week except Mondays

For more info you can check here:

QCC Art Gallery Blog:

MOJO QCC Art Gallery Blog:…

QCC-Art on deviantART:

and be well :)
human-groveback Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014  Professional General Artist
I'll come around when I have the chance.
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Agent-G245 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014  Student General Artist
I think you should look at this. There are two very complicated storylines that are what most of my drawings are illustrations of, and this is a peek into one of them.…
human-groveback Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014  Professional General Artist
Before you ask, yes, I get the "rampancy" reference.
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